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The Holidays are just around the corner and Leash Out presents its annual Appreciation Day, Holiday Mini Photo Sessions!  This event is dedicated for you, an Appreciation day!  A big THANK YOU to all of you for your support and trusting me with your furkids.  This is one weekend only of mini photo sessions for your pet, your family or both!   It is SO much fun and you receive 25 Custom Holiday Cards to send out to your family and friends, plus much more!  This year I have added a choice between cards or prints.  Only 3 spots left!

The holiday mini photo sessions will be held in Milton, Ontario.

Here is what you receive with your Mini Session:
25 Professional Custom Holiday Cards – 3 different design options to select from and 3 different card messages to choose for the inside of 5×7 folded cards,
OR an 11×14 print, your choice!
1 – 8×10 High Quality Photo Print
4 – Digital Images
All of the above for a low cost of only $169.00 (A value of $670)

Details: (Poster below has further details)
November 4th & 5th, 2017 (weather permitting, back up date is November 11th & 12th)
9AM – 4PM (must book in order to reserve your time slot)

Here is what some client’s have had to say:

“We are thrilled with the images Sandro captured during our mini session – and will treasure them always! His love of dogs, and expertise in photographing them, really shines through in his work. He was very accommodating to fit us into his schedule, took the time to get know what we wanted from the session, and also provided some great ideas .  He also does a lot of work to support animals in our community. His dedication to animal welfare and high quality work make him our pet photographer of choice. Can’t wait to do another session this year!” – Shawna S.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Leash Out Photography’s Mini Session. Sandro captured my Great Dane Charlotte’s regal personality perfectly in his beautiful candid shots.  The quality of his products is a true reflection of his craft.  I would recommend the Mini Session and Leash Out Photography to anyone who wishes to create a timeless keepsake of their beloved fur-babies.” – Sarah W.

“I had the good fortune to get a mini session with Sandro of Leash Out last November.  He captured both my boys (my two Jack Russells – James and Benson) personalities and the love that I have for them.  How wonderful it was to share the one picture on a Christmas card for my family and friends.  Thank you Sandro for the memories you created that day.” – Peggy, James and Benson

“Sandro’s talent for capturing a dog’s personality is uncanny!  He even managed to make our very excited/anxious dog look calm and playful.  We are so happy with the photos he took that they are on display all over our house and social media.  I cannot recommend a session with Leash Out, enough.  Sandro loves animals, and it comes through in his professionalism on set, as well as the amazing shots he gets of his 2-legged and 4-legged subjects.”  – Brian, Karah & King Hayes
holiday photo mini sessions
Contact me at sandro(at)leashout.com or call me at 647.295.4214 if you have any questions.  Once you have booked your photo shoot, you will be receiving the samples for your cards, the greetings, the locations for the shoot, and more a few weeks before the shoot.
holiday mini photo sessions
Want to read more on what past clients had to say about Leash Out?  Click here, thank you.
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oakville dog photographer | Sincere & Rook!

oakville dog photographer | I had the pleasure of photographing Sincere and Rook a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, I’m really behind on blog posts, but this post will be worth the wait.  Sincere is the senior dog and she is an absolute sweetie and her new little brother is Rook.  I was so excited to photograph these two dogs, secretly I have always wanted to photograph Sincere.  When I received a message from their mamma for a session, I was ecstatic.  What a fun day it was.  They were very fun, loved their treats and of course super glamorous.

Sincere was exactly what I expected.  A happy senior dog that nothing phases her.  Despite her slowing down at her wise age, she would never have known it.  She strutted herself about and she made sure to strike the perfect pose.  Rook, a puppy mixed dog, was also exactly what I expected.  Highly motivated by play, toys, sticks and also easily distracted by anything, I mean anything.  That is a puppy for you.  Now, their mama.  She is starting a new chapter in her life with her new boy, Rook and she is also celebrating the many years and moments her and Sincere have experienced.  It was an honour to capture her with her babies.

Humans age simultaneously with each other.  I get older, my child gets older, but my child will never be older then me.  When it comes to a dog, we see all the moments of their growth.  They go from being our little puppy, to a teenager, adult and now our wise senior, right in front of our eyes.  You build such an unbreakable bond and love for them that it cannot be explained.  You have to live through it to understand it.

Enjoy a preview of Sincere and Rook’s shoot.

oakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincereoakville dog photographer - sincere

Are you interested in a photo session, but still are unsure?  Check out Leash Out Pet Photography’s reviews, click here.

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ontario dog photographer | Ryder, heart of gold!

ontario dog photographer | I had the pleasure of photographing Ryder, a German Shorthaired Pointer this past weekend. Ryder, you are so important to your family, more than you will ever know.  Families have various reasons why they want a photo session with Leash Out.  I related so much to this particular family.  Our dog’s were there for us during some tough times and we are forever grateful.  My wife and I struggled to have our boy, it took almost 5 years.  We had many ups and downs.  From the feeling of giving up, anger, anxiety, sadness, and much more.  What remained constant was Zaira, our dog.  She was there every step of the way.  She made us smile!  We knew, if we couldn’t have a child, she is just as important to us.  She will never fill the void of having your own child, but she didn’t have to.  Zaira just needed to be her and nothing more.  She still is very much part of the family, and she is forever in our hearts.

This family had the same struggles and much more.  I have never met such a strong family, even though I know at times they were feeling at the absolute bottom.  They had a difficult time having a a child also.  They went the route of a fertility clinic, just as we did.   They did not have the success they had hoped for.  An angel of a friend stepped up and offered to carry their child.  They were very much blessed to have given birth of two boys, Carter and Tanner.  There story didn’t end there though.  Carter and Tanner were born premature at 25 weeks of age.  Tanner unfortunately passed at 7 days of age and Carter spent 112 days in the hospital.  Carter’s family stayed at the Ronald McDonald house in Toronto while he was in the hospital.  They are from Oshawa, which is a fairly long commute.  Once a week, they made the drive home to visit Ryder.  They could not stop thinking of their happy go lucky dog.  He was their strength during this time.  He was very much part of the healing process and strength of this family.

I’m having a hard time even writing this next sentence.  Ryder, 8 years young, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer.  This boy, a pillar of strength for this family, has his own battle now.  The feeling this family is going through, I know all to well.  My heart hurts for them.  They messaged me to book a photo shoot and explained to me Ryder’s health circumstance.  She told me her dog is so important to them.  I knew he was, and that was before I knew the family’s full story.  I immediately scheduled the shoot with Ryder.

I’m absolutely honoured to have met this family.  They came from Oshawa and chose Leash Out Pet Photography to capture their son Carter and his best friend Ryder.  I truly believe people come into your lives for a reason.  This family’s openness in sharing their story, was a healing conversation for my struggles.  It changes you forever.  As for Ryder, I know how important he is.  You are here now and who knows for how long, you will continue to be an advocate for happiness for this family.  I’m blessed to have met you.

I want to thank this family for letting me share their story, for being open and vulnerable.  I know their experience will resonate with many of my readers, and they appreciate it. Thank you for reading.  Enjoy a sneak peek of Ryder and Carter’s photo session.

ontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryderontario dog photographer - ryder


What is your story?  Why is your dog so important to you?  I would love to hear your story.  Please click here to share your story, thank you.

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  • Virginia O'HearnJuly 18, 2017 - 12:33 am

    My heart breaks for this family. I have walked the same trail as both of you but we remain childless. That is why our James was SO important to us. May you find the strength and comfort that you need to help Ryder fight his battle. Cherish every moment that you have with Ryder and take TONS of pictures, a nose print, a foot cast and snip a little hair from his feet that run tirelessly with your son, from his head that knows when you are coming home, from his back that needs to be scratched. I give you my love and support and can’t help but cry my eyes out for you.

georgetown dog photographer | Sweet Lilly!

georgetown dog photographer | Hello friends!  Sorry for the lack of posts lately, my family has been extremely busy!  I missed you all so much and I’m excited to share with you Lilly’s photo session sneak peek.  She is definitely worth the wait.  Lilly is a sweet Boxer gal and very photogenic.  She was shy at times, but she warmed up to me quickly.  I had such a fun time photographing her and playing with her.  I’m a huge soccer fan, so we even had our own little match.  I have a lot of practicing to do, she kicked my butt.  If I were Cristiano Ronaldo, I would watch out for this gal, she may just win the Golden Boot next year.  It was an honour Lilly and family that you chose Leash Out to photograph you, thank you so much.  Enjoy the preview of Lilly’s photo shoot.

georgetown dog photographer - lillygeorgetown dog photographer - lillygeorgetown dog photographer - lillygeorgetown dog photographer - lillygeorgetown dog photographer - lillygeorgetown dog photographer - lillygeorgetown dog photographer - lilly

Lilly’s photo session was a gift from her grandma.  She had noticed that Lilly’s mom was enjoying my photos on Facebook, so she contacted me and purchased a gift certificate for her daughter’s Birthday.  Yes, I said gift certificate, Leash Out offers those to!  I do not advertise it often, but you can purchase gift certificates for your friends and family members.  If you know someone who just loves their dog, and they are part of their family, consider buying a gift certificate for them.  It may be a gift that means the world to them.  Click here to get started.  You will not only be paying for photos, you will be getting an experienced and talented photographer.  Specializing not in only using a camera, but capturing memories that will last a life time.  Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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